Who We Are

The Caldwell/West Caldwell Special Education Parents Advisory Group (SEPAG) is a collaboration between the C/WC school district and the families and guardians of children who receive special education services, including IEPs and 504s.

The SEPAG exists to identify needs within the district regarding students who are involved in special education in our schools and to work toward systemic solutions that can benefit everyone


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Students do not have to be attending school in-district. We encourage ALL families, including those with out-of-district placements, to be part of the SEPAG. All voices have value and all families deserve the support of their community, no matter where their children attend school.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate two-way communication between the families and the Caldwell/West Caldwell district on educational matters that affect students with special needs;

  • Empower parents and guardians to have their voices heard by the Board of Education on systemic issues relating to students with disabilities;

  • Provide information and resources for families of children with extra needs;

  • Establish a forum for the exchange of support and advice between parents, advocates, and other groups;

  • Ensure that all families are included and represented by the SEPAG, whether their kids attend school in district or out of district.