April 1, 2021 SEPAG Meeting

birds eye view of desk with laptop, hands writing notes, a coffee cup and eyeglasses
Minutes taken by Lisa Walter

Meeting began: 7:00 p.m.

Facilitator: Danielle Mack

5-6 people in attendance

Agenda items discussed:

  1. T-Shirt sales: “Choose To Include” t-shirts

  2. excellent response from staff; sales opened to students and families

  3. all proceeds will be used to buy books on disabilities for our libraries

  4. thanks to Jessica Abramovich for her support and assistance with this joint fundraiser

  5. Next Board of Education Meeting:

  6. presentation by ABA certified staff members

  7. Jessica Abramovich presenting as well

  8. Dylsexia presentation originally scheduled for this evening’s SEPAG meeting will be held May 6

  9. Presenter: Liz Kenny-Foggin, dyslexia specialist, instructor through Fairleigh Dickinson Orton Gillingham program.

  10. Jessica Abramovich, current director of Student Services will be accepting a voluntary transfer to the position of Grover Cleveland Middle School assistant principal/supervisor of music

Support portion of meeting topics included search for new Student Services Direct (criteria, etc.).

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:30 p.m.