November 7, 2019 Meeting

birds eye view of desk with laptop, hands writing notes, a coffee cup and eyeglasses
Minutes taken by Chris Elko

This meeting was largely an organizational meeting. Discussion Points Schedule– Jessica will confirm all dates confirm all dates through June. The group anticipates sticking with the first Thursday (as opposed to alternating to other days). Once regular meeting dates are established, the group will consider workshop dates/topics. Location – Chris will engage the district about incorporating district representatives into the meetings (see below – Format) and press for locations in the schools, preferably the library in the High School. Format – The group discussed the best way to involve the district in the meetings going forward. The current proposal is to have the first half of the meeting without district input and then the second half of the meeting with the district representative. Facebook – The group agreed to keep the current expansive FB page (primarily maintained by Jessica) and also create a more focused FB page for CWC Parents only (established by Danielle and Lorraine).