October 1, 2020 SEPAG Meeting

birds eye view of desk with laptop, hands writing notes, a coffee cup and eyeglasses
Minutes taken by Lisa Walter

Virtual Meeting began at 8:00 pm

  • Review of procedures and ground rules

  • Self-introductions of all in attendance

Approximately 10 in attendance. Many participants voiced continued frustration with the lack of communication with CST and Student Services. Several participants shared examples. The conversation moved to action items to improve communication:

  • attending a Board of Education meeting and having a few members speak about their experiences regarding communication issues and related frustrations.

  • continue regular meetings with Director of Student Services and representatives from this SEPAG

Other discussion topics included the following:

  • Orton Gillingham instruction and availability of trained, certified instructors

  • 1:1 services for students during virtual/hybrid learning

  • IEP services not being fulfilled/provided during virtual learning

Meeting adjourned 9:15 Next meeting: November 5, 2020