SEMI Form Q&A Survey


Dear CWC Families,

There have been some questions about the SEMI form that families received to fill out.

Here are three things you should know about SEMI:

  1. Your school district may be eligible to receive federal money through the SEMI program, which helps to pay for special education services.

  2. A school district may receive SEMI money only if a consent form is signed by the parent/caregiver.

  3. Signing the consent form will have no effect on your child's related services OR Medicaid health coverage for services outside of school.

* Please note that OOD families also have to complete a form; however, they will sign a consent form and then the OOD placement will fill out the form directly.

Per Director of Special Services, Jess Abramovich, SEMI is ongoing but the goal is "to have everyone's consent by the end of the school year. The important part is that the parent consent form has to be filled out by EVERYONE, whether it is a yes or no AND whether you have Medicaid or not.

If you have a question, fill out the survey linked to below. All questions will be shared with Ms. Abramovich, and she will respond to them in the first part of the June 3, 2021 SEPAG meeting. (Please note your e-mail and/or name will never be shared with administrators.)

Click here to access the survey. Please respond by Tuesday, June 1, by 12:00 pm. Thank you in advance for your participation!

The C/WC Family SEPAG exists to address issues within the district that impact students with IEPs and 504s. Please visit the SEPAG website for resources and information on special education in Caldwell/West Caldwell and around NJ. Also, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be notified of meetings and other announcements throughout the year.